Lycohealth Inc.

About us

"Our aim is to develop a range of highly bio-available natural health supplements with clinically proven benefits" 

Lycohealth Inc. is the official Canadian Distributor of a new line of natural health supplements developed  by Cambridge Nutraceuticals Ltd., a leading U.K. based Natural Health Supplements Company based in the heart of Cambridge, with close ties to Cambridge University and Cambridge University Hospital.  Our founders' personal journey in finding natural health alternatives to deal with his own cardiovascular health has finally brought Ateronon "The Tomato Pill" - the world famous, ground breaking heart health supplement to Canada!

Cambridge Nutraceuticals product development is supported by a high profile medical board including, among others, Professor Alf Lindberg; former head of R&D at Wyeth and Aventis and former member of the Nobel Committee and Secretary of the Medical Prize, Peter Kirkpatrick BSc MBCHB MSc FRCS; a leading Cambridge University vascular neurosurgeon, and Dr Andrew Carson FRCGP; a senior NHS General Medical Practitioner.

BIO-AVAILABILTY - Delivering more of the good stuff to your body!

"Our goal is to develop natural health supplements scientifically proven to deliver more of the good stuff to your body" 

For every supplement there are two important considerations,

1) How much is absorbed by the body, what we call ‘bio-availability’, and

2) What happens when it reaches its target.

The action of many supplements is widely reported, but bioavailability is too often overlooked.

We achieve improved bio-availability by combining nutrients with other ingredients; think of them like natural catalysts. Each supplement is researched to assess its bio-availability and, where appropriate, we run our own clinical trials.

With over 20 million dollars of research and development behind Ateronon, we are raising the bar for evidence based natural health supplements sold in Canada!